Wishing you all love, peace, joy and health for the coming year!

I realized when I wake up in morning the first thing I do is remember who I am, where I am and what I have to do that day.  I was waking up and putting it all on like a big coat.  Then I would get myself out of bed and face the day.   So this year I decided to wake up and remember to be present all day long!  Ha…the greatest challenge ever.  Be Here Now by Ram Dass right?   That is and was one of my all time favorite books. Now I just found out there is a website: https://beherenownetwork.com/podcasts/

So that is my New Year’s resolution….wake up, remember to be present!

Sounds easy.  This reminds me of when one of my patients told me her son said to her, “Mom, just make rice.”  She said, “Just ‘make’ rice?!  Do you know how many ways I can screw up rice?!”

There are so many ways to not be present!  There is only one way to be present!

With love,