I spend quite a bit of time at the gym where there are 12 television screens with mostly different programs on each one.  The main thing I noticed is that a majority of the commercials are for chemicals. Either it is a drug, a cleaning product for the body or the house, a food or drink loaded with sugar, artificial sweeteners and chemicals or for lawyers suing for injury from one of the toxic drugs.


Warnings from a Flabby Mouse  from the New York Times is a great article about the chemicals in our lives and the related issues as a result of  them.

Nicholas D. Kristof says, “That experiment is one of a growing number of peer-reviewed scientific studies suggesting that one factor in the industrialized world’s obesity epidemic (along with Twinkies, soda and television) may be endocrine-disrupting chemicals.”


Here is an excellent article by DR.  Judy Roth that explains xenoestrogens in depth.  What are they and what to do about it and why you have to.


‘Do You Know What Xenoestrogens Are?’