This March will be our 5th year of cleansing with the Standard Process Purification Program. The 21-day program helps to purify, nourish, and maintain a healthy body weight without fasting or feeling hungry. It consists of three meals a day in addition to nutritious smoothies and supplements. The program is designed to help you look and feel your best, while increasing energy and mental focus.

If 21 days seems like a long time, don’t worry. Just do it until you can’t. (You might be surprised!) Think of it as 21 days to form a new habit of eating better and feeling lighter. You could also think of it as a 21 day experiment in gluten-free, dairy-free eating.

Here is more information on the cleanse:

We are running the cleanse starting March 1st  (if you want to do it as a group). You can also start whenever you want.  Please let us know if you would like to join us!