One of my patients, was telling us about this great bakery in Gowanus,  Everybody Eats, Inc. She had to get a cake for her son to bring to school for his birthday that accommodated the various allergies in the class. The search for a gluten-free, nut-free, dairy-free cake found her walking 45 minutes from her house to this bakery. “I’m a great mom. I should get mom of the year award.”

So, I went to check it out myself with my family.  The owners are extremely lovely. We were greeted with warm chocolate chip cookies and I splurged on one. We bought bagels, pizza crust, and some rolls. Although I try to keep my carbs low I was  not feeling too guilty. These products can be frozen and eaten whenever you’re ready to eat them. Everybody Eats is a great find. Go check it out!