Infant Massage

Babies under the age of one are constantly in transformation, growing and learning at a rate far exceeding any other age group, all while adapting to a brand new world with only a few ways of communicating.

Massage and nurturing touch is one of the most primal and wonderful ways of comforting and communicating with your baby. Not only does it promote a secure attachment between babies and parents, it can help with development, soothing, digestion, sleep, and mood (among many other things).

There are numerous benefits for parents as well. Massaging babies has shown to help lower the rates of baby blues and postpartum depression (for both parents), improve new parent confidence, and lower stress levels. It is a great way for dads to bond with infants.

I believe that the best person in the world to comfort, bond with, and massage your baby is you. That is why I work with a doll to demonstrate the techniques for you, and you will work with your baby.

In a 1 hour session, you will learn techniques for different areas of the body, what kind of oil is best to use for babies, how to develop a daily routine, and when it is best to give your baby a massage (and when not to).

*If your baby is fussy or sleeping or just not wanting a massage at the moment, don’t fret! We respect babies cues, and if they need to sleep, or be held the whole time, or fed, that is just fine. You will be given handouts with all of the techniques explained, and I have dolls to show you the routines. Whatever your baby wants, we make it work.

Sheryl Baniulis is a registered massage therapist, and registered holistic nutritionist with a focus on fertility, prenatal and postnatal wellness. She was trained in infant massage instructing by the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).

For more information on infant massage, visit the IAIM website: