A while ago I wrote about going to the gym where there were 12 TV screens. Every commercial on at the same time (because the ads are synchronized) was for a product that has unhealthy chemicals in it.  Either it was a household cleaning product, a drug, a product to use on your body, lawn etc. 

This article explains the dangers of those chemicals because they are hormone disruptors.


The end of the article states that you should not use plastic containers or water bottles and you should choose organic foods in order reduce exposure to pesticides.

I read every ingredient on everything I buy.  I also noticed that even perfume has some harsh chemicals on their ingredient list.  You would not want to eat the stuff they want you to spray on your body so you shouldn’t put it on your skin either because it gets absorbed. Some people say “yeah but I spray it on my clothes, not on my skin”. Well, you are actually breathing it anyway, so it is still a toxin.

Try Nantucket Natural Oils instead.  This is a company that makes perfume from essential oils.

I also love JUJU Skincare.  I have been using these products for a while now. I went for a facial after using the products for a few months and it was the first time the woman doing the facial didn’t tell me how dry my skin was and try to sell me new products.  Then I stopped using them. I ran out, I had to order them on line, I got busy, blah blah blah and I picked up a new product in the health food store. I went for another facial and sure enough the same woman who always gives me my facial told me how dry my skin was!  I am back on JUJU!!

My thinking is – why not use products as close to natural as possible?
Yours in health,