The other day a patient of mine came in for an adjustment.  He said his tailor was making a suit for him and  told him his leg was short.   A leg discrepancy can mean the spinal bones are out of alignment.  It can be an anatomical short leg or a functional short leg because of the way the muscles are pulling on the bones.  My patient said to me that he was feeling fine but because  of his short leg he knew he must be out of alignment and wanted to get adjusted as a preventative measure.

I started thinking that tailors would be a great group to educate about the benefits of chiropractic.  They see misalignments and compensate for them with fabric.  They should tell the client they are out of alignment and  how to fix it. When I was telling my husband this story,  he thought that the tailor could say to the client “Don’t get mad, get even.”