The last day of the cleanse!

I have to say it went by very fast!   During the cleanse and over the previous years I discovered the relationship between alcohol, sugar and sleep. Without alcohol and sugar I slept great the whole time.  I can say from this cleanse and all the times before that this way of eating becomes the predominant framework for choosing what to eat.  I may deviate here and there when it is worth it but this cleanse changes your habits. 

There is a concept in the book, French Women Don’t Get Fat,  that I would like to share because it really helped me get off sugar.  The author says that the first bite of a dessert is delicious.  The second bite tastes okay and by the third bite you are eating from memory.  After the third bite your taste buds lose sensitivity to sweet and you are not tasting it anymore.  If you are really paying attention while chewing  it, you will notice that the subsequent bites do not taste as good as the first.  Therefore, it is not worth eating more than three bites. Try it and tell me what you think.